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B@!ches of Savannah Georgia Shantella Munoz

[email protected]!ches of Savannah Georgia

Shantella Munoz

Published June 1st 2015
Kindle Edition
345 pages
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 About the Book 

Savannah Georgia, the oldest, majestic city with rich histories- before and after the Civil War Era. One person, Margaret Wallace, is ready to taint the towns perfect image, by writing a Tell-All book, detailing certain tenebrous dealings of her two best friends and her son. But when she includes a torrid story from the past- one began to ask, has Margaret gone too far…Margaret Wallace born and raised in Savannah has been murdered, but with so many enemies- the question is by who?While the police thinks its one of Savannahs newest residences, Lisa Clark, whose had several tumultuous encounters with Margaret. An unwilling Lawyer, Mckynzie S. Mackenzie, is summon to the case. She soon learns many dark secrets of her hometown society including the murder victim, as she deciphers-Who really killed Margaret Wallace?!B*!ches of Savannah Georgia, is a crime fiction. Exploring the lives of three wealthy women, still driven by catty and often bitchy behavior that will leave one dead, and an innocent bystander to take the fall, unless a lawyer steps into help Lisa Clark, she could be doomed.