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Van alles het beste Rona Jaffe

Van alles het beste

Rona Jaffe

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 About the Book 

When Rona Jaffes superb page-turner was first published in 1958, it changed contemporary fiction forever. Some readers were shocked, but millions more were electrified when they saw themselves reflected in its story of five young employees of a New York publishing company. Almost sixty years later, The Best of Everything remains touchingly—and sometimes hilariously—true to the personal and professional struggles women face in the city. Theres Ivy League Caroline, who dreams of graduating from the typing pool to an editors office- naïve country girl April, who within months of hitting town reinvents herself as the woman every man wants on his arm- and Gregg, the free-spirited actress with a secret yearning for domesticity. Jaffe follows their adventures with intelligence, sympathy, and prose as sharp as a paper cut.