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Final Reflections: Inspired Tessa, Our Much Loved Pet, and Family Member by Gary Dunn

Final Reflections: Inspired

Tessa, Our Much Loved Pet, and Family Member by Gary Dunn

Published July 3rd 2013
ISBN : 9781481753364
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 About the Book 

This story is very much from the heart, filled with intrigue, emotions, and reflections of the life of Tessa. So much heartache with the struggles and hardships of Tessas mother, Shelby. Her gut wrenching survival when she lost those close to her, and how she had to learn survival skills for the first time in her life. Her will to live was beyond measure. It takes us to the excitement, and love, Shelby felt when she gave birth to her babies. The pure torture and agony to be separated from them so early in their young life. The pain Shelby must have felt, to never know what happened to them. No closure, just pain, and a constant worry to her for the rest of her days. It was her loss that became a blessing to those that God entrusted one of her babies to. You can feel the love that Sheryl and Gary shared with Tessa. Experience the injuries that forced the healing process for Tessa, and how one day it was just to much to overcome. Feel the pain Gary and Sheryl felt, with the agonizing decision to be humane and not watch Tessa suffer. Read about a terrible experience with the bull that would not die. Regardless of the efforts the author himself tried in being humane to this animal. The emotions he felt when he tried all he could, to make it a peaceful ending for this animal. But it very much turned into a nightmare he will never forget. The authors shares about some other pets in his life. He talks about the euthanization process that is so important in a animals final minutes, hours, or days of their life. A process that is intended to not let suffering drag on when there is not much hope for the animal getting better. To prevent them from living a life of misery and pain. Listen to his words as he encourages the reader to do what they can to make sure animal cruelty is not an option, and will not be tolerated. He appreciates all the hard work, and endless heartbreaking hours, the animal organizations put in every day, to keep animals safe. To provide them with medical care, and loving homes. Thank you to all that make a difference in the lives of these animals.